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More than 350 people have been helped by a new centre designed to assist those who have been devastated by a diagnosis of cancer.

A new survey has shown that the United Kingdom is now the second most attractive place in the world for professionals to work.  Whilst the United States took the top spot, Hydrogen’s research found that Britain is rapidly finding a leading place for itself, with people across the globe wanting to work in the country.  For call centres, this could mean an increased talent base of professionals to utilise, offering them a competitive edge in the marketplace.

As part of the Global Professionals on the Move 2013 report, more than 2,000 individuals who lived in 90 countries were surveyed.  The results showed that despite the poor economy, unpredictable weather and tightening immigration rules, Britain remained at the top of the leader board when it came to attracting professionals.

Hydrogen’s Managing Director of Technology Practice, Dan Fox, said: “The States has Silicon Valley and San Francisco, the UK has Silicon Roundabout near Old Street, where you’ve got all these exciting tech firms opening.  A lot of Europeans view the UK as a tech hub where you can work for exciting fast-paced companies.  We’re seeing a lot of Europeans coming to work in the UK.”

With customer services more essential than ever, and a recent survey finding that people continue to demand call centres, it is a time when telephone answering services can snap up professionals to better their business.  Therefore, as Britain becomes an important world leader, a business boom, certainly within the technology market, can be expected.

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