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More Outsourcing to Protect Jobs

Increasing outsourcing means frontline jobs are protected according to the Policy Exchange.

Police have stated they will take on more outsourcing to UK local service companies in order to protect frontline jobs. Police authorities have yet to deliver the savings needed due to economic hardships. The move towards outsourcing can help provide better efficiency on the frontline as staff will be able to concentrate more out of the stations around the UK, as the jobs at the stations will be outsourced.

There is talk of outsourcing call centres, which police normally handle, to other locations that are better equipped to handle telephone answering services. A great deal of what the police do is to handle incoming calls. There are also emergency response centres that handle calls only to ensure police and emergency services are dispatched. Outsourcing telephone answering services to call centres can make it easier for police and emergency services to respond since there will be more police free to do so.

There are also savings to be found with call centre outsourcing in that these larger centres can handle thousands of calls all from one centre instead of having each station filled with a call centre service. If each station outsources to one local call centre then overheads are reduced and, therefore, expenses are reduced providing savings to the public for the public services police and emergency services provide. Reform is needed and the police need to be handled more like a business when it comes to savings and helping those in need.

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