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More call centres on home ground

One of the major concerns businesses have in choosing call centres is their location. Businesses tend to worry about the disfavour they will draw by outsourcing to India or another country. In recent years, there has been a significant trend in terms of call centres. More and more companies from India and other countries are moving into the UK market. It means they are building locations in-country to deal with the opposition they have faced.

For you as a business owner or manager this is a positive point. You can still use the inexpensive telephone answering services, but with a location closer to home. There is a small increase in pricing when it comes to in-country call centres. Wages are significantly more for workers in the UK, but with these centres you are able to give back to your community in terms of income to spend in the UK rather than another country. It helps the economy and is also a good thing in terms of providing English-speaking call centres. Your clients will feel more comfortable with the person on the other end of the phone because they will be able to understand each other, as the call centre worker will be a native English speaker.

South Africa and the Philippines have also helped in terms of customer service communication, so do not discount other options out-of-country either. It is always better to consider what is best for the company and also your consumers. You do not want to sacrifice one or the other to stay in business.

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