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Monitoring customer interactions vital to avoid poor experiences

Smiley FaceIn the digital era, it is important to keep tabs on all of a business’s interactions. Failing to do so can result in call centres not only allowing negative experiences to occur, but they can also miss out on the potential to create sales. This means that telephone answering services implementing platforms such as Facebook and Twitter must utilise monitoring services to ensure they don’t miss anything.

One important case of how monitoring can be successful can be illustrated by looking at what happened when Starbucks removed their Eggnog Latte from their Christmas menu. Although it had been a staple festive treat since 1986, it was replaced with the Chestnut Praline Latte in 2014. Customers responded angrily, flooding call centres, social media and websites with calls to return the beverage. As a result of Starbucks monitoring these channels, the Eggnog Latte was returned to stores.

It is important for call centres to realise that not only do they need to monitor conversations, but they also have to act on them. Observing can be easy, but making corrective changes is not so simple. In the case of Starbucks, customer monitoring highlighted the need to return Eggnog Lattes to the menu. This allowed the company to correct its error and gave them vital feedback on the Starbucks menu for future use.

In 2015, monitoring social interactions is likely to become even more important. Call centres that are able to do this properly will be rewarded with improved performance and customer services.

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