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Mobile workers feeling the pressure

A new survey has found that 65 per cent of workers in the UK feel under more pressure to be productive when they are mobile working. Despite just 38 per cent saying they got more done when using a tablet or smartphone, it seems that many believe they ought to be doing more.

In Aspect Software’s latest survey, it was shown that many mobile workers, whether they are in a call centre environment or not, are pressured to get more done when they are away from the office. Despite 70 per cent of workers using their smart device on a daily basis, many companies appear slow in their ability to adapt to new flexible working trends. For example, only 16 per cent of respondents said their employee had a clear policy on device use. When asked, 26 per cent of companies said they were working on a policy, whilst 28 per cent said they were not going to develop one.

Paul Thomas, Aspect Software’s senior vice president of Northern Europe, said that many people, 58 per cent, believed they would work better if job-specific apps were developed. “If, for example, a sales force or customer service team uses a CRM tool, they need to have full access to this when they are on the move,” Mr Thomas said, adding, “Access to these resources – via hosted (cloud) business-focused applications – will allow employees and businesses to effectively harness the increased levels of productivity that mobile working can offer.”

For telephone answering services working with remote employees, the latest findings will play an important role in developing policies for the future.

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