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Mobile provider reveals benchmarking benefits

3 logoAll call centres need some form of metric or benchmark not only for measuring performance but also to establish clear pathways for dealing with customers. Now, mobile company 3 have shared their own experience on how benchmarking customer services operations have aided their telephone answering services.

Chris Coyle and Stuart Saw at 3 revealed that a major step forward was removing opinions from the decision-making process. When managers make strategic and tactical moves based solely on opinions, it often leads to a scenario where certain changes were only positive from one perspective. By using benchmarking reports, a clear boundary of what is acceptable to consumers can be established, thereby helping customer care in the sense that agents are focussed on what people expect.

Another important step is getting management to think differently. For example, 3 had a low answering speed because the firm established that answering too quickly cost money. However, despite making the savings, there was no uplift in customer service. This was identified by using benchmarking.

Finally, it’s vital to act on the insights provided. 3, for example, discovered that their self-service options were taking almost twice as long as those of competitors. The insight allowed the company to focus on reducing this.

Utilising benchmarking in the call centre can have many benefits, and with customers increasingly at the heart of the focus, it is vital to ensure that positive service is maintained.

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