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Mobile contact options

It has been estimated that most people using a mobile phone in the UK are using a smartphone, so apps are becoming an easy way to contact organisations for customer service.  The use of this type of technology among consumers has developed very quickly and it is recommended that businesses have a strategy for adopting mobile apps that works with the existing channels of communication, rather than separating it out from them.

However, there are still large numbers of people who prefer to pick up the phone to contact a customer service department, particularly if the issue is likely to be complicated to resolve.  The research shows that people do still need to speak to somebody when they want reassurance and for many businesses a telephone answering service is a must, particularly if there is no in-house customer service department.

Mobile apps will not replace the call centre as a method of dealing with customer service issues, but making it an option will ensure that there is a higher level of customer engagement.  One solution is that the customer can use a mobile app for initial contact then speak to a customer service operative if the situation becomes difficult.  The main question is how easy the transition from one option to the other can be.  Customers should not be made to feel as though they have gone back to square one and the system should be established to store all the relevant information that has been submitted.

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