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Mobile consumer service strategy important for 2017

Call center operators at workMobile use continues to grow at a staggering rate. Consumers want to access tools, services and support around the clock from wherever they are. To this end, call centres must ensure they can meet people’s demands, and this means developing a mobile customer services strategy.

Digital and marketing teams have been driven down the mobile route for quite some time, developing apps and optimising responsive mobile design to enhance the mobile experience. Now it is the customer services sector’s turn. Telephone answering services must ensure they are equipped for dealing with mobile consumers if they want to find success in the digital world.

The evolution of mobile is staggering. For example, the number of people using contactless mobile payments across Europe has tripled. Whilst just 18 per cent engaged with this in 2015, that figure rose to 54 per cent in 2016. With consumers comfortable enough to make transactions with their mobile device, many will also expect to resolve service issues this way. Moreover, with 81 per cent penetration of smartphones in the UK, most customers now have these devices, and more than half are connected to 4G.

With this in mind, call centres and customer service operations should think about moving into the mobile space. Intelligent assistance, Dynamic FAQs and Visual IVR are three options. A “click to connect” option, meanwhile, could better integrate omni-channel experiences. Overall, mobile strategies need to ensure an intuitive and fast service with responsive designs and optimised knowledge management. By delivering such a service, these companies can offer excellent consumer care.

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