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Miserable agents cost British economy £2.3bn each year

Call center operator working in the officeNew figures show just how much unhappy call centre staff cost the British economy. According to the data, around £2.3bn is lost every year as agents become disengaged and unproductive. This shows the importance of having happy staff and makes it clear that telephone answering services need to focus on keeping their workforce engaged.

The latest results come from EvaluAgent’s investigation into the economic cost of miserable call centre employees. Despite many companies running highly productive operations, the reputation of bad working conditions and high attrition rates persists.

Many firms want to boost their staff management processes to increase profitability, but only a small number of them actually prioritise a customer-centric culture. This involves evaluating the customer experience, and to optimise this, agents have to be motivated and engaged. Any interaction with consumers is more likely to have a positive reward as a result, and happy workers can boost the quality of customer care and overall brand image.

EvaluAgent Managing Director Jaime Scott explained: “A major challenge faced by many is delivering a great experience to customers that are more demanding and vocal than ever. As the call centre continues to play an increasingly important role in the customer experience, customer service leaders need to invest not only in CX technology but also in technology that engages, motivates and empowers the humans behind the technology.”

With poor employee happiness having such a big impact on overall profits, call centres across the country should focus more on their agents’ wellbeing. Those that do will benefit from increased branding, positive customer experiences and higher revenue.

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