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Millions of British consumers make unresolved complaints

New market research has found that nine million consumers in Britain have made complaints during the last year that have not been resolved.  The high number shows just how important it is for call centres to ensure that they are attending to their customer service needs.

The latest Consumer Satisfaction Benchmarking Report 2013, showed that 47% of people had received great customer service from telephone answering services within the UK.  Of these people, 65% said that agents had been approachable and friendly, and 52% said that companies honoured customer service rules.  However, 32% of people revealed that bad customer service had been experienced, with people averaging at least two negative situations.

Of these bad experiences, 67% had made a formal complaint, with 21% using social networking to publicly air their dissatisfaction.  What’s more, 63% of people said that their complaint had never been resolved.

The data shows just how important it is for call centres to take consumer experience seriously.  With one in five people using social media to talk about problems, it is vital that a positive experience is provided from the outset.  It is also essential that first call resolution is optimised to its maximum efficiency.  Mark King, a consumer complaints expert, said: “With a UK population of 62 million people over the age of 16, there are 9 million people that have made an unresolved complaint to a company in the last year.  That’s an alarming 14.5 per cent of the UK population that is extremely unhappy with the way that their providers have treated them.  This is more than a wake-up call for organisations to do something about it.”

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