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Millennials prefer communicating via text


For all modern businesses, it is essential to understand where targeted customers hang out and which channels they prefer to use for communication. A new report from OpenMarket shows that Millennials prefer two-way texting capabilities to easily correspond with call centres and brands.

In the latest survey, it was discovered that 72 per cent of those between the ages of 18 and 34 send at least 10 texts per day. In fact, some 31 per cent of people admitted to sending more than 50 SMS messages. However, even though texting offers both speed and convenience, many consumers want a two-way ability instead of simply receiving texts from telephone answering services to which they cannot reply.

Overall, the results show that millennials are very accessible to call centres who commit to contacting customers via SMS. Over 83 per cent of this age group will open a text within 90 seconds, whilst 60 per cent of people said they would like to be able to text their favourite brands.

OpenMarket General Manager Jay Emmet said: “The goal of this survey was to dive deeper into the mobile-millennial mindset and learn not only why this age group prefers text messaging as their main communication tool for business interactions, but at what level they are looking to engage. These results show that the capabilities of SMS are very prevalent with millennials, who desire more opportunities to communicate through texting, including more personal two-way interactions.”

He added that SMS could be harnessed further to provide call centres with better customer loyalty and engagement.

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