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Microsoft to facilitate call centre AI use

Digital GlobeMicrosoft has now acquired artificial intelligence (AI) firm Genee. The move will allow the firm to create a powerful scheduling personal assistant that call centres and other companies can use to maximise operational efficiency. It marks yet another step toward a greater use of AI technology around the world.

Talking about the latest merger, Aspect Software’s Stephen Ball explained that Microsoft’s move indicates that AI, natural-language processing and machine learning in the business world are about to get serious. Genee is currently marketed as a product that is available to reduce time wastage and boost productivity for everyday operations. The solution supports “intelligent experiences”, and with its integration into Office 365, it is part of a large picture.

“When you have companies like Microsoft adding Artificial Intelligence functionality to central software like Office 365, it is proof that Artificial Intelligence and automated interaction is not a fad. Backing this up, Gartner’s 2016 hype cycle for emerging technologies predicts that ‘machine learning’ and ‘natural-language question answering’ are just two to five years away from mainstream adoption”, Mr Ball said. He added that whilst the Internet of Things is still up to a decade away in terms of daily use, AI is likely to arrive far sooner than many expect.

Aspect launched its own AI product earlier this year. Natural-learning virtual assistant Mila can be used by telephone answering services agents to conduct everyday workforce optimisation tasks such as scheduling, managing shifts and reading bulletin board updates.

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