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Metrics an essential tool for call centres

As any call centre manager knows, metrics are a vital indicator of how well a business is doing. Without metrics, a telephone answering service has a hard time of providing evidence for any of the work they are doing. In a poll of 177 call centre experts, it was found that quality scores and First Contact Resolution (FCR) are the most popular metrics, whilst customer effort comes in last.

In the new survey, it was shown that just 28 per cent of call centres rely on customer effort, whilst 40 per cent use Net Promoter. Conversely, 80 per cent utilise quality scores, whilst 69 per cent continue to use FCR as a key metric.

Several experts aired their view on which metrics are best, with Carolyn Blunt addressing the “one size fits all” myth. Explaining that every call centre has to have a different approach based on its business requirements, Ms Blunt added that having any metric is far better than having none at all. She also revealed that it’s vital to actually use metric data for something, instead of simply having the data written into reports and leaving it at that.

Meanwhile, Paul White from mplsystems explained that focussing on a single metric should be a big no-no. Instead, a variety of performance-related and task-related metrics are needed, using customer effort and sales volume, for example.

Overall, metrics play a vital role in the call centre environment. When used correctly, they indicate just how well a company is doing whilst also providing insights into how processes can be bettered.

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