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Methods for managing agents better

The careful management of call centre agents is extremely important in an industry where employee attrition rates are high. With the best care, good agents can be retained as long as possible, helping telephone answering services to boost their business’s efficiency and performance. Here are several methods to ensure agents are supplied with the right support.

An important aspect of managing a team of agents is to have regular collaboration sessions. This not only includes agents and team leaders, but also trainers, quality coaches and managers. Getting everyone together in one place allows hierarchal barriers to be broken down if only for a few minutes; a factor that can facilitate the spread of best practices and new ideas.

It is also worthwhile to move advisors around a call centre on a frequent basis. This allows colleagues to provide additional coaching to one another, perhaps in sharing a better process method or an alternative way of addressing customers. This passive training can work wonders for boosting morale and, once again, ensuring best practices are utilised.

Monitoring levels in call centres should also differ between low and high performers. There is no point in scrutinising a high performer’s every move to the same degree as someone else who clearly needs support. By spending time with those who need the help, average performance levels can be increased across the board, benefiting the whole company.

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