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Mega Monday breaks online shopping records

Monday 3rd December has broken records as £400m worth of Christmas presents were bought online in a single day.  As the first Monday of December arrived, millions of individuals across the UK went online to find gifts for friends and family.  With call centres being at the heart of many online retailers’ networks, it was an extremely busy day for telephone answering services.

A vast number of people now use the internet to shop, but telephone answering services expert, Alistair Niederer, said that the human voice will never be entirely replaced by other forms of contact such as email or online assistants.  This means that online customers continue to want fast and efficient responses to their queries.  “The big companies have woken up to the fact that customer service and customer satisfaction is everything.  We live in a very competitive world and you can no longer afford to be complacent,” Mr Niederer said, adding “The companies which sit back and do nothing are the ones that are going to get left behind.”

Despite call centres having built themselves a bad reputation over the years, there are a vast number of firms that offer high quality customer service and take the pressure off retailers who may be struggling to keep up with customer demands.  With Mega Monday having broken records for online shopping, it shows that internet buying continues to increase and companies must take steps to ensure that their customer’s needs are met.

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