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Maximise schedules for happy agents

Customer support, colorful wordsCall centres rely heavily upon their agents because they wouldn’t be able to offer the frontline customer care many companies have become known for without them. Therefore, it is essential to keep a workforce happy so they continue to be productive. If telephone answering services are looking for a way to promote a positive environment, getting their staff scheduling right is essential.

Scheduling in the call centre can be a tricky business because it’s not always a 9-to-5 job and it entails some strange work patterns, especially for call centres that are open 24 hours. One of the most important things that can be done for agents is creating a level of consistency so that people can plan their lives around work instead of fretting that there will always be clashes. This is particularly true in the case of parents who might need to sort out childcare.

There will inevitably be times when schedules have to change. When this occurs, it is very important to give agents as much early warning as possible. Managers should know when big events are likely to drive sales so they can cater for rises in traffic. It is essential to give people lots of warning that shifts might be changing or overtime is on offer.

Finally, instilling a sense of fairness is important to keep agents happy. Some agents might prefer early morning starts, whilst others might like to work during busy periods because it makes the day go quicker. Whilst it’s a good idea to try to tailor schedules to people’s preferences, it is vital to be fair.

Call centres can gain happier agents by scheduling wisely. This, in turn, feeds through to customers via positive consumer care.

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