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Maximise opportunities with channel diversification

Call centre teamModern call centres have a lot of opportunities open to them if they are able to connect with customers. Technology has facilitated an ever-growing number of contact channels, allowing people to chat with brands, telephone answering services and organisations through email, phone, webchat, social media and even video calls. However, in order to maximise operations, call centres need to not only diversify their channels, but also ensure they are using the right ones.

The first step in any channel diversification strategy is to identify the channels that people really want. For example, a company with a client base made up mainly of older people might want to concentrate on webchat and email rather than social networks. It is essential to develop channels that are in line with targeted audiences.

The choice of channel is not only down to generational preference. Some people might prefer to call a service rather than try to go back and forth via email. However, research has shown that 59 per cent of callers still get transferred at least once, meaning that the traditional phone call is not always the ideal option.

Meanwhile, SMS contact noted a 24 per cent decline in the UK between 2012 and 2013. Conversely, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp have become increasing popular.

Other data has shown that public-facing networks such as Facebook and Twitter are largely used to complain or ask quick transactional questions. Email is often used as a formal option, whilst a phone call is used when a speedy response is required. Overall, if companies want to optimise potential growth and customer services, channel diversification is a must.

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