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Maximise homeworking with defined working environments

Man in home office on telephone using computer and smilingFlexible working is increasingly common, and many call centres now utilise the skills and expertise of homeworkers. These agents can avoid commuting by connecting onto the floor through an internet connection. However, in order to maximise these employees’ productivity, telephone answering services need to help individuals clearly define their working spaces.

Homeworking is not for everyone; it requires a lot of self-discipline and work to boost productivity and focus. The working environment can help with this, and agents need to ensure that they can still maximise their workload even though they are in familiar surroundings.

First, it is essential to have a comfortable working area without distractions. They should not be shoved into the corner of the kitchen or restricted by a very short headset cable. Instead, remote workers need to create a calm and dedicated workspace.

Once a set working area has been established with everything in easy reach, remote agents need to clearly define their physical boundaries. This can be very hard for homeworkers, and avoiding interruptions can be a challenge. The ongoing misconception that they are not really working because they are at home is far from true.

To this end, family and friends need to understand that working commitments are important and that they cannot just pop around whenever they like. These boundaries need to be put in place from day one for the best results.

Homeworking can be a great way for call centres to access experienced staff wherever in the world they happen to be. However, setting boundaries for remote working is crucial if productivity is to be maximised.

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