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Market Research : The Facts

Welcome back! Last month we looked at one of our other business call centre services here at Go Response; our market research and customer surveys solutions.

We’ve already established that by investing in a bespoke, personalised market research initiative your company will obtain more results than by simply sending out a blanket email survey to your clients. As well as increasing response rates there are a number of other reasons to talk to Go Response, including;

More information – by removing the form-filling aspect and by having someone there to provide clarity across all questions, more data will be captured.

Better data – Not only will there be more data but it will be better data too. By building relationships with the respondent opinions can surface that might not have otherwise. Our trained call centre staff can tell if a respondent isn’t be completely honest, providing a higher calibre data collection than the more impersonal methods.

Increase responses – By coupling research with offers, respondents will be more open to any incentives open to them and will encourage them to engage.

So that’s what we can do for you… but why should you choose us?

Experienced agents – the agents handling your calls are experienced staff who are passionate about delivering the right results for our clients.

Customer care pedigree – we’re crazy about customer service. In fact, we feel this is so important that our management team have come from senior customer relationship management posts.

That’s why you can trust us to get the results you need!

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