GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Many employees, yet automated machines

As a business member in the UK you have to do your part when it comes to customer service. Consumers do not appreciate the “interactive voice response” systems that corporations use.

These are systems that require ten to 20 minutes of automated steps only to be asked the same questions by the live person they finally get on the line – this is something that is not customer service friendly. Rather than falling into the same trap you could use telephone answering services that use live individuals for all calls.

These services allow a live person in a call centre to answer as soon as the phone rings. Your customer can then speak about their issue or question, and then hang up all within a short period of time. There are call centres that use hundreds of employees to make certain the customer comes first, and with so many unemployed individuals around it only makes sense to go with a call centre that will cater to your consumers’ needs and wants.

Automated systems are great for handling consumers, there is no doubt about that, but how you use automated services is important. Customers appreciate a system that will provide them with an identification number that gets them to a call representative within a minute rather than a hold time of ten minutes. Even a small company can benefit from answering services where live individuals are on hand. For cost savings in your customer service centres, using virtual office staff helps reduce overheads and, therefore, costs of your answering services.

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