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Many companies’ concerns regarding social media are unfounded

Social media concept over whiteCompanies that haven’t yet made the move to Facebook or Twitter might seem outdated to many consumers in this day and age. There remain many concerns surrounding social platforms, with call centres worrying about negative feedback, increased competition. and the possibility of a consumer problem escalating into a PR disaster. However, many of these worries are unfounded.

One thing that many telephone answering services worry about is the negative feedback they might receive on social media. Complaints are a part of business, so it’s more about what a company does about it rather than the complaint itself. Negative comments might appear on Facebook accounts or Twitter feeds, but as long as companies address the situation, consumer issues can be turned around quickly.

Another thing that firms worry about is social media facilitating the loss of business to competitors. Even though there is more consumer data floating around and people can move between companies more easily than ever before, it works both ways. For example, a call centre’s marketers can get the same data as their competitors, thereby levelling the playing field.

Finally, some call centres might worry that running social media accounts will become too time consuming, with agents spending their time trying to limit negative branding fallouts. Whilst this is indeed a risk, fallouts usually occur because a problem was left unresolved or mismanaged. In fact, by identifying issues via social media, many firms are able to deal with problems more quickly than ever before.


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