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Manila night time is alive with workers

Manila is one of the busiest cities at night as workers run to their jobs. It is because of the call centres located in the Philippines. This country has one of the largest operations of telephone answering services in the world. They service the UK and US with more than 600,000 call centre workers. The amount of workers available has allowed them to overtake India in terms of being the call centre capital of the world. Rather than speaking with an agent in India about a theatre ticket, water problem with your washing machine, or any other issues you may have, you are most likely going to speak with a Filipino operator.

There are several advantages to these call centres over India or China. One of the biggest advantages is that many Filipinos speak English as the main language, though there is a bit of a colonial accent. This makes it easier for consumers to understand the representative on the other end of the line whereas Indians typically do not have the same English influence. They have learnt English, but it is not akin to a place that used to be an American colony and still has a high percentage of English speakers.

Wages are also low for these workers. This is a benefit for your company though not for the workers. If you have a need to save costs it may be best to outsource to the Philippines rather than using English speakers from UK-based call centres.

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