GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Make sure your leisure bookings are taken every time

There is more to a telephone answering service than someone taking calls and passing messages to a designated recipient. Telephone answering services can now offer bespoke packages to individual customers, where the person answering the call will be briefed on your business and will thus be able to answer questions and take client orders.

Telephone answering services work really well in the spa and leisure industry where customers make calls to book an appointment or request a brochure. The virtual receptionist will have your schedule to hand and will thus be able to book a client an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

Services like this work really well for businesses that are starting out, where the staffing level is such that there may be no one to answer your client’s calls. You may in fact have an appointment with another client when the phone rings, so will not be able to take the call. If your virtual receptionist takes the call, you will not lose the business and your company will give the impression that it is larger than it actually is, boosting client confidence.

Whether it is to take bookings, receive sales enquires or even provide specific treatment information, a virtual receptionist at a telephone answering service can meet all your needs.

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