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Majority of firms to embrace digital strategies in two years

PrintA new report has found that 72 per cent of businesses in the UK are set to embrace digital transformation strategies within two years. The report, which was conducted by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), also found that many firms, including call centres, will still have to work hard if they want to optimise their potential.

After surveying 250 senior business and IT decision-makers in the final quarter of 2015, CIF found that only 16 per cent of firms have a transformation strategy in place right now. However, among those that do not, 72 per cent expect to have one soon.

CIF Chief Executive Alex Hilton said: “Cloud computing is the agent of digital disruption, and we can see that there are significant benefits to be had by businesses that pursue both Digital Transformation and Cloud strategies in tandem.”

Other findings from the report that can be useful for telephone answering services include the fact that 13 per cent of those with digital transformation strategies believe the cloud is a critical component. Meanwhile, 80 per cent suggest it is important. Among those using such a strategy, 38 per cent say it has given them an advantage against their competition, whilst cost savings from cloud implementations are also found to rise when used in conjunction with a digital transformation strategy.

“It should come as no surprise that Digital Transformation is creeping up businesses’ agendas as they seek to stay ahead of the competition, steer and make better use of technology, attract talent and drive innovation,” Hilton said.

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