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Majority of firms inhibit creativity

Creativity can be an important tool in the workplace, and even though individuals might not think it has a role in the call centre, creativity can be used to increase performance.  In a new survey by business coach Ros Taylor, it was found that only 30% of companies actually encourage their workers to be more creative.

Conducting research for her latest book, Ms Taylor surveyed 1,000 working people in the UK to see if creativity was actively encouraged by employers.  The data clearly showed that many people had the misconception that creativity was an artistic ability, and not a way of coming up with new business ideas and suggestions.

Talking about the important role creativity plays, Ms Taylor said: “Creativity is the precursor to innovation, the practical result – creativity made manifest.  Innovation can transform a business into an adaptive and evolving entity, yet only 25% of employees in the UK are actively given time to come up with new ideas in the workplace.  If there were ever a time that we require to do things differently and have ideas it is now!”

In the telephone answering services business, creativity can be used to develop new scripting structures for agents to work to.  It could also be utilised to consider new interface processes or conversational tactics to help engage with consumers.  However, with 70% of businesses not encouraging creativity, firms could be missing out on this vital resource.

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