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Majority of customers want self-service

A new survey has discovered that 67% of people in the UK expect companies to offer self-service options so that they do not have to talk to call centre agents.  Steven Van Belleghem conducted the digital marketing research and found that consumers want swift and efficient service above all else.

Telephone answering services are always looking for ways to ensure that their customers get the best experience possible.  In many cases, people might be calling with a problem or complaint, so providing top notch service is essential for customer retention.  In the latest survey it was discovered that 95% of people want to be helped quickly.  Eighty-nine percent want to be instantly told about the purchase or complaints procedure so they know what to expect, whilst another 89% expect to be treated with a friendly manner.

Prof. Van Belleghem said: “Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding and due to social media, word about good and bad service experiences gets around quickly.  Accounts of positive experiences raise the pressure on less successful companies.  Society as a whole is becoming faster and faster and customer expectations reflect this trend.”

For the majority of people, there is one easy answer to many problems; self-service.  It was found that 56% of people will use a self-service option rather than asking pre-sales questions to agents, which only 27% of people preferred.  Meanwhile, 48% of people making post-purchase complaints or queries preferred to use self-service, compared to the 35% who like to talk to a call centre agent.

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