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Majority of consumers talking with multiple agents

telephone212.1A new survey has shown that the majority of consumers in Britain have to deal with multiple agents when using call centres. In order to get a single complaint sorted out, 79 per cent of people have to talk to between two and five agents. This shows that telephone answering services still have a way to go if they want to offer personalised care.

The poll, which was conducted for Interactive Intelligence by Censuswide, also found that 42 per cent of customers who talked to multiple agents were also faced with call centre queuing times of at least 20 minutes. In fact, some people even stayed on the line for more than two hours. Email is becoming a popular form of contact, with 54 per cent saying it was their preferred route instead of the telephone. When these consumers did phone companies, queuing was highlighted by 60 per cent of people as the most negative factor.

Interactive Intelligence’s Dave Paulding said: “The survey highlights the importance of focusing on key elements of customer service, such as answering complaints quickly and efficiently, whether that is on the telephone or via a social media channel. The fact that more people are turning to email is both a sign of the times and a reflection that consumers across the UK have simply become fed up of hanging on the telephone.”

With consumer care becoming such a vital part of running a call centre, it is important for companies to take the latest findings on board and work to ensure that customers are happy.

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