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Majority of call centres without web chat

In the modern era, there has been a huge expansion in the number of ways that customers can contact call centres.  Although traditionally a telephone answering service was only accessible via calls, the explosion of social media now means that many companies embrace Facebook, Twitter and web chat.  However, in a poll of call centres, it has been shown that many still do not use web chat.

In a poll of 515 call centres, it was shown that 49% of companies do not use web chat at all.  Meanwhile, 32% of firms utilise the online tool to talk with consumers visiting specific websites, whilst 19% are actively planning to install such channels.

Web chat has many advantages, and with an increasing number of people using the internet, it could be the ideal contact solution for many customers.  Whilst Twitter and Facebook are useful, they are a little rigid.  Twitter, for example, only allows a response of 140 characters, severely limiting how much help can be provided.  Web chat can be placed upon websites and can automatically be offered to visitors, or can simply be available for web browsers to utilise.  The solution allows for agents to talk freely with potential and existing clients, and when used correctly, can be a great additional tool.

Despite this, many call centres are still not using the service.  With 2013 seeing a huge expansion within customer services, it may be important for some firms to opt into a multi-channel approach.

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