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Majority of call centres selecting agent call evaluations randomly

Young smiling call centre employee working hard and accompanied by her teamA new survey has found that 69 per cent of call centres do not put much thought into how they select calls for evaluation; instead, they rely on a purely random process. Business Systems conducted a questionnaire of more than 100 professionals working the telephone answering services market. The “How Contact Centres are using Quality Monitoring” report uncovered the random selection of evaluated calls as well as the fact that 8 per cent of firms aren’t evaluating their communications with consumers at all.

Evaluating consumer calls is vital if companies are to identify problem areas and improve customer care. Business Systems found that only 18 per cent of firms analyse more than ten calls per month. Instead, the average number of calls ranges between four and ten, with 43 per cent of respondents providing this figure. Meanwhile, 31 per cent of call centres only evaluate between one and three calls.

Talking about the latest statistics, Brent Bischoff, Business Systems’ QM Consultant and Training Expert, explained: “This report highlights that Quality Monitoring hasn’t really changed for the last 15 years. Considering the advances in contact centre technologies such as audio analytics and QM integration with other contact centre systems such as CRM, it’s surprising that contact centres aren’t taking advantage of these.” He added that to take the step from individual agent monitoring towards evaluating the entire customer experience, investments in technology are increasingly required.

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