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Majority of call centres blend and silo multichannels

 In the modern era, providing the best customer service possible is becoming one of the most important aspects of business.  Without giving consumers a positive experience, they are unlikely to provide repeat business.  In addition, social networking now offers the chance for negativity to spread very quickly.  This means that call centres have to not only provide great customer care, but need to offer a multichannel approach.

When a number of telephone answering services were asked which approach they use for multichannels, it was found that 58% preferred to blend some aspects whilst maintaining their other channels in a silo.  Twenty-five percent of respondents said that they siloed everything, effectively keeping data from all channels in completely separate systems.  Just 15% of companies completely blended everything, whilst 2% did not understand the concepts of using a silo or blending approach and stuck to voice processes instead.

Consumers are increasingly looking for more ways to interact with companies, and this might be via social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, via email or by using webchat options.  For the most effective call centres, the data from all these processes will be amalgamated, giving managers both individual and overall data points to use.  However, with some companies still not using the multichannel approach or still keeping all data separate, there is a long way to go.

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