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Majority of Australians will talk about poor consumer service

A new poll has found that the majority of Australians will tell their friends about bad service and advise people to avoid using a company. In the research from NewVoiceMedia, 58 per cent of people said they would actively discourage people from using a certain company. In comparison, 49 per cent of Americans and 27 per cent of UK consumers said the same thing. The results show how important it is for call centres to avoid creating negative experiences at all costs.

The survey also discovered that many people seek to take revenge against poor service by going online. Whilst 53 per cent of Australians voice their anger on social networks, 39 per cent of UK customers also take to platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to share their frustrations.

Jonathan Gale, NewVoiceMedia’s chief executive, said: “While it is damaging to a brand when customers tell friends and family if they are dissatisfied with service they’ve received, it’s not nearly as powerful and immediate as those who take their complaints online, particularly as consumers are increasingly turning online to read about others’ experiences before choosing a product or supplier.” He added that because it was often the younger generation sharing experiences online, he expected statistics to soar in coming years.

With this data in mind, it is vital for telephone answering services to take their customer care seriously and do everything they can to minimise negative effects.

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