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Majority of agents unhappy with call centre software

Software word collageA new study of call centre agents shows that a large proportion of agents are unsatisfied with the technology they have to use. The research was carried out by Jabra, who showed that 74 per cent of people think the tools they are given don’t allow them to conduct their job effectively.

It is crucial for all telephone answering services to have the latest technology so frontline workers can achieve the best efficiency, performance and customer service possible. However, the “GenM 2013: One Year On” publication by Jabra revealed that almost three quarters of workers feel stymied by their technology options. In addition, 41 per cent said the problem is so great they would consider changing jobs if poor tools and devices were all they had to work with. The managing director of Jabra’s British and Irish business operations, Nigel Dunn, said: “The contact centre is still such an integral part of a brand’s sales and customer service strategy and it’s crying out for new, more innovative technology.”

The figures come as Jabra seeks to attract more companies to their latest headset, which they suggest is the best piece on the market. “We see the Jabra BIZ 2300 headset as our Trojan horse and believe that some of its USPs such as its air-shock microphone and best-in-class noise-cancelling technology will be something that appeals strongly to an industry that has been somewhat left behind in the innovation stakes.”

With call centre agents notoriously difficult to retain and many companies having a high staff turnover rate, it is important to make sure existing employees are happy. By receiving the current technology standard, firms might find areas to improve.

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