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London Call Centre Expo Helpful to Businesses

The Call Centre and Customer Management Expo recently visited London.

The Call Centre and Customer Management Expo is a way for businesses to learn more about the benefits of outsourcing through call centres. The show was relocated to London for the 2011 expo in October, allowing more visitors to appear at the event than in previous years. This resulted in an increase of 9.1% visitors compared to 2010. The expo was also combined with the NEC and eCommerce expos. This also helped to increase visitor numbers.

In business, it can sometimes be useful to speak with potential partners face to face rather than over the phone. At the very least it allows you to learn about the benefits and get a feel for all of the telephone answering services that may be available. It can help in a comparison of companies, but more importantly, it could have a positive effect on your company’s business decisions.

The expo lasted for two days with a call centre focus conference as part of the exhibits on offer. Award winning organisations, leading practitioners, industry experts and academics were present at the conference in order to help potential companies learn more about the changes to call centres in recent years and how call centres can fulfil customer management needs. Some visitors to the conference and expo actually attended the call centre expo over the other two, even if they were registered for other things, sighting relevance as the reason for changing their minds.

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