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Local Workers Using Bike Trail to cut Pollution

Some call centre employees in the UK have committed themselves to taking part in a one-month Rotherham Council project.

Rotherham Council has started a project where they are giving a month’s free cycle loan. Some call centre employees in the UK have decided to take the council up on this offer. The employees were given a bike of their choice and even training. There is a one-month challenge period wherein the employees will continue to ride bikes and at the end of the month the bikes are handed back to the council. The bikes can also be bought at the end of the month for a reduced rate. The employees who decide to buy the bikes can continue to ride them to work in order to lower pollution.

It is a transportation scheme that is being supported by many including transportation officers. At the moment there are 65 people taking the council up on their offer. It is things like this that help instil confidence in telephone answering services because it shows how dedicated employees are. In this case they are dedicated to saving the environment. This is very important to all future generations.

If they are willing to be a part of the community like this, they are also most likely great at their jobs. It is an assumption, yet these employees certainly deserve kudos for trying something a little different such as riding bikes to work rather than commuting by car that can be costly to the environment.

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