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Live consumer chat and virtual assistant integration tool launched

The concept of Omnichannel between devices to improve the performance of the company. Innovative solutions in businessTouchCommerce is known for its omnichannel software, which allows call centres to boost engagement and service levels for their customers. Now, the firm is launching TouchAssist, a tool that combines live consumer chat with virtual assistant technology to provide automated conversations to help customers utilise self-service features.

Modern customers demand more than ever before, and many telephone answering services face the challenge of trying to rise to meet these expectations. Self-service tools can be a great way for people to help themselves whenever and wherever they are. However, many call centre customers might not be aware of these options. By harnessing the power of technology from Nuance Communications, TouchAssist provides a way to use chat bots to deliver human-like conversations that guide consumers toward self-service features. In the event that the virtual assistant does not have the answer, a live agent can cut in.

TouchCommerce Chief Executive Bernard Louvat said: “Intelligent bots are redefining digital commerce and customer care as enterprises seek to provide an engaging customer experience using natural language understanding, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. TouchAssist blends our powerful targeting, routing and agent-to-consumer communication technologies with the industry’s leading virtual assistant technology to help brands target, engage and converse with consumers in a more cost-effective way at the time that customers need assistance with their self-service experience.”

TouchAssist is fluent in more than 20 languages and is PCI-compliant and enterprise-ready.  Many call centres can take advantage of the tool to streamline the customer journey and provide better care and efficiency.

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