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Listening to customer calls helps service quality

close up shot of human finger pressing landline phone numberIf call centres want to offer the best customer care possible, it is essential for managers and team leaders to listen in on calls. This makes some agents nervous because they feel their conduct is being scrutinised. Whilst this is sometimes the case, the things that customers say is often the focus, allowing telephone answering services to better their consumer experience.

There is no better way to understand an audience than to listen to it. It can also be a helpful reminder to managers and executives that customers are real people and not statistics. It might sound obvious, but it’s a fact that some companies tend to miss. By reconnecting with people and understand their needs, new processes can be put in place and changes can be made to existing procedures to improve the customer journey and experience. For example, simply asking people for their order number straight away instead of first asking about their problem can help calls to move along more efficiently. This saves time for the business and the caller, ultimately providing a better service quality.

Managers who want to follow calls should take notes about individual performance and pass them on to agents. Meanwhile, trends and findings can be brought up in team meetings to facilitate change.

With customer service quality being so important for call centres, it is essential to take the time to listen in. This could lead to some very useful business revelations.

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