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Listen to front line agents in 2016

Call centre agentsWith the New Year quickly approaching, many call centres will be reviewing their operations and identifying what they can do differently in 2016. One thing can that be extremely useful for telephone answering services is to actually listen to front line agents and calls. Even though this might seem obvious, many large firms fail to do this, missing out on important data and feedback that could improve productivity and customer services.

Setting aside some time to listen to and assess call recordings is vital because it can highlight potential problems within a call centre. The same is true of gaining feedback from agents on the front line because these are the individuals who are talking with customers day-in and day-out.

Consumer issues aren’t the only problems they might flag up. The overall health of a workforce is important, both physically and mentally. By talking to agents, companies can gain insights on how staff members feel. It might be as simple as being unhappy about vending machine contents, which is an easy thing to fix. It could also be gripes about career and training progression. Either way, taking the time to listen to agents can help to improve the workplace environment.

If there’s one thing that call centres should try to do better in 2016, it’s listening. Customer calls can hold a wealth of information for those managers who are willing to sit down and review a random selection of calls. Meanwhile, ensuring that front line agents are happy and have the means to provide feedback on their jobs and the working environment can lead to a happier and more productive workforce.

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