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Limited channels can hurt business

Call CentreOver the past few years, call centres have been diversifying the number of channels they have in an effort to capture as much business as possible and engage more efficiently with consumers. Now, a new survey has shown that 49 per cent of shoppers in the UK will abandon an online retail experience if their preferred channel isn’t offered.

The latest survey from Interactive Intelligence revealed that 90 per cent of people in the UK have a preferred option when it comes to talking with vendors and telephone answering services. Email is the top choice for almost half of respondents. Meanwhile, traditional phone calls have plummeted in preference, with just 16 per cent wanting this option.

Interactive Intelligence gathered the buying behaviour of 1,000 shoppers. Further results showed that 74 per cent of people would happily abandon their online cart if customer service agents don’t respond quickly enough.

The regional director for Interactive Intelligence, Dave Paulding, said: “Understanding your customers’ shopping habits is one of the fundamentals to a successful business. The research demonstrates how important it is to ensure you understand their preferences and offer the right channels for customer engagement. Best-in-class customer engagement has the potential to increase sales considerably.”

For call centres that want to promote business growth, it is vital to ensure channel diversity to cater to a variety of consumer demands. Companies that do this well could increase sales and experience less online cart abandonment.

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