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Limit server failure fallouts with careful management

It enineers in network server roomIn an age where everything is digitised, it is vital for call centres to ensure there are backups in place to limit the damage if a server fails. This type of scenario is likely to happen at some point because most common disk drives utilise moving parts. Even in solid state drives (SSDs) where moving parts are absent, degradation can still occur. This means that telephone answering services must manage their servers carefully.

There are several methods that can help reduce the damage if a server malfunction occurs. First, it’s a good idea to regularly change servers to ensure that any hardware that is currently being used isn’t approaching the end of its shelf life. Second, utilising hardware RAID arrays means that if one disk fails, data has been mirrored onto other drives. Server clustering can be another safeguard, spreading server components across several physical machines to reduce the risk of an overall fail.

Call centres are also advised to run backups. A remote backup ensures that problems with a data centre or server won’t result in data being erased. Meanwhile, portable drive backups can be advantageous, particularly where large data files cannot be copied across a network due to their size.

With modern companies relying on collated data to remain efficient and in business, it is vital to protect this information. Reducing the risk that a server failure could result in the loss of all data is essential.


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