GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Latin American Call Centres for Your Industry

We think of India, China and the Philippines for outsourcing, but Latin America is growing.

In the last four years Latin America has grown as an outsourcing market, not only for call centres, but for most outsourcing options. A report was released by CastelMec showing that in the last four years Latin America has grown more in the last three decades with a double digit increase. It is fuelled by five countries: Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru. These countries have some major industries that they offer, and also have outsourcing operations.

If you are looking to strengthen your company and grow it, you may find outsourcing to these countries in Latin America is one way to do so. You can also outsource more than telephone answering services. Latin America is known for their ability to speak English, especially in these growing countries. If you have a lot of North American customers or customers in the lower hemisphere you may be able to find services for your call centres that fit your needs.

Latin America is just one more choice besides companies in India, China and the Philippines. With an emerging market it is possible to find better costs for services much like it used to be in India. This option is at least one to compare with in-country call centres versus out-of-country call centres. As a business owner or manager you have an idea of what is needed most to keep your company strong.

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