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Latest data suggest Live Chat essential for call centres

New research shows that Live Chat is the solution that requires the least effort from customers, making it an essential tool for call centres. Customer effort is quickly becoming a major metric for many telephone answering services, with companies realising that to engage effectively, they have to make life as simple as possible. Now, eDigitalResearch has said that live chat customer services are an area many consumers are most satisfied with.

eDigitalResearch talked to 2,000 consumers, 26 per cent of whom had used Live Chat in the past 12 months. Of these people, 73 per cent said they had been “satisfied” or “extremely satisfied” with the service provided. It was found that Live Chat is utilised across all age groups, with those between 21 and 35 most likely to use the communication channel. In addition, 30 per cent of those asked expect Live Chat to be one of the options available to them when needing to contact a brand.

The data speaks for itself, and it shows the huge importance for call centres to utilise the Live Chat function to reach out to consumers. With so many people already using it, it is vital that it becomes part of any multichannel strategy. In addition, with the research also spotlighting email and social media as channels that provide more satisfaction than post or phone calls, these also need to be utilised by call centres to increase their consumers’ positive experiences.

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