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Latest Customer Contact Research

In today’s ever changing marketplace, it is important that you stay on top of your customers’ needs and wants. As customers demand that you offer them an omnichannel response, you need to know that you’re working with a partner that understands the competitive landscape you are operating in.

Below is a selection of key facts and figures from a number of customer research sources, that highlight the trends in expectations from customers:


  • 82% of customers would like it if organisations always offered different channels of communication to suit their needs
  • 78% of customers will spend more money with companies that make it easier for them to do business
  • 1/2 of customers no longer feel any brand loyalty
  • 1/3 of customers say convenience is more important than price

 Channel Communication Breakdown (2013)

Communication Channels

Call Centres

  • 91% of customers would prefer companies to make phone numbers more prominent on their websites
  • 94% want to be able to email the same agent they speak to on the phone
  • 78% expect their call answered within 20 seconds
  • 2/3 of customers say that companies make it difficult for them to switch from one channel of communication to another, (e.g. email to call centre) without having to start the process again
  • 55% would like the call centre agent to know what page they are on.

Online Support

  • 89% of customers expect to have their questions answered by a real person, via Live Chat (web chat) or on the phone whilst they are shopping online
  • 68% would like companies to offer them the option of Live Chat
  • 59% expect that Live Chat to be near instant
  • 59% prefer the phone to website FAQs, however
  • 45% of people will use online communication as their preferred option when talking to companies if given that option

Social Media Interaction

  • 55% of customers have at some point interacted with a company via social media
  • 12% would use social media for customer service purposes, however
  • 39% use their smartphones to comment on Facebook and Twitter about customer service just received


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