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Landlines remain an essential call centre tool

Studio Shot Of A Black Rotary PhoneWith all the talk of social media and multi-platforms, call centres could be forgiven for thinking that the era of the landline is on its way out. However, Steven Robertson from VoiceSage is sceptical about such a possibility. He says that people like choice, and with 80 per cent of landline users still using the technology, there is no need to abandon it just yet.

Britain’s Culture Minister, Ed Vaizey, recently stated that the rental charges for landlines should be scrapped. This is because many broadband providers make it mandatory to take out a landline service, even though it is not always required for the service to work and customers never even use it. In fact, Ofcom suggests that this extra tax applies to around 20 per cent of people in Britain. The positive response from the public suggests that many people are keen to do away with their landlines.

However, people still like choice, and although many other communication options have become popular, landlines will still remain a preferred option by some. It is true, however, that consumers answer their landlines less often. In fact, GFK NOP Market Researcher Nick Moon said: “People only use the landline if they know their mum is going to ring on Sunday evening, because mum always rings on Sunday evening. Never limit your outreach options – flexibility is always going to be your best friend.”

For telephone answering services that rely on landlines, it is best to diversify and reach consumers using several methods, such as SMS, social media and email. However, the traditional landline is not likely to fade just yet.


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