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Lack of social media commitment shown by companies

Aspect has revealed that whilst social media continues to gain popularity around the world, a lot of call centres are simply not keeping up.  In new research it was shown that many businesses were completely unprepared “to handle a reputation crisis,” a scenario that can happen due to the sheer speed that news can travel via social networking.

In the latest survey, it was discovered that 94% of companies said they were not adequately prepared to deal with negativity spreading across platforms such as Twitter.  In addition, 57% of Ireland and the UK’s top executives said they believe social media will become the most important way of interacting with customers over the next five years.

Social media expert, Dave Ogden, said: “Companies are aware of the potential detrimental impact that social media can have, yet few are taking steps to protect themselves against these.  Speed is of the essence, now more than ever.”  Mr Ogden explained one particular case concerned high street banks.  Traditionally, there was a two-hour period before problems, such as a system outage, was picked up by the news.  However, in today’s social media world, incidents can be reported and can flood across networks in mere minutes.

For many telephone answering services and other companies, it is vital to be prepared to deal with a social media-wide issue if it occurs.  Mr Ogden said that technological investment was essential to provide a way for companies to protect themselves from a PR disaster.

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