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KPI use should be optimised to avoid hurting employee engagement

3d man - call centerKey performance indicators (KPIs) are something the call centre industry has used for a long time as a way to measure success. However, they can affect employee engagement, with agents failing to connect with their company when all they see are targets and goals. There are several factors to take into consideration to make the most of KPI usage.

First, telephone answering services must schedule regular reviews of KPIs as a process. This should be done every 18 months at a minimum, and sooner if there are major technology shifts, service and product changes, or alterations to a firm’s ongoing processes. For example, legislation or back-office reshuffling call for KPI reviews.

It is also essential to recognise that a KPI should never be used as a punishment tool. These indicators can be used to identify the need for training and development, but they should never be used in a negative manner against call centre agents. It is wise, therefore, to remove KPI triggers from frontline supervisors and instead pass them to either non-frontline superiors or those in human resources. This allows for training to take the forefront instead of agents getting chastised.

Finally, it is vital that a KPI is never used if employees do not have total control over improving it. Employees who are trying their best to improve performance could be held back because the KPI includes a process they cannot control. Therefore, it does not reflect wholly on their performance and should be scrapped.

KPIs will continue to be used by call centres to measure and track performances. However, it is important that they are used correctly. Otherwise, they could damage employee motivation and engagement.


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