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Knowledge management system essentials

Smiling Customer service representative with headset onKnowledge management systems can be an important technology for call centres, helping companies go from strength to strength. However, many implementations encounter problems that could affect their overall efficiency and productivity. By being aware of such issues, telephone answering services executives can do their best to avoid these hurdles.

One common mistake is thinking that knowledge management system implementation is a one-stop project. If such technology is launched and forgotten, it is unlikely to do well. Instead, executives should look at the maintenance of this type of tool as an ongoing job. It requires a minimum of one full-time staff member, but two to three employees would be better to keep the system updated.

To ensure systems are properly updated, it’s also vital for call centres to rely on their agents. Staff feedback is the key element to keeping a knowledge management system updated with relevant information. Frontline agents should be encouraged to offer regular feedback and thanked for doing so, thereby strengthening the relationship between management technicians and call agents.

Finally, it’s important to be consistent with knowledge management navigation and to make the system interface as simple as possible. This ensures that a knowledge base is the first stop for agents. Making things complicated can cause workers to look for alternative sources of help, resulting in a knowledge management system that becomes stagnant and redundant.

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