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Knowing digital consumers essential in 2015

Market analysisOver the years, the importance of customer data has been increasingly recognised, with call centres going to great lengths to capture consumer information. In 2015, telephone answering services must not forget that digital customers are just as important as those communicating over the phone. Therefore, companies need to look at capturing data in more depth.

In order to truly understand digital consumers, it is vital to change call centre processes so that they respond correctly to modern life. Communication needs to vary between channels whilst staying consistent in quality. With businesses utilising email, webchat and social media in addition to traditional telephone calls, customer experience has to be tailored to each channel.

Another way to gain customer information and have data in the right place is to ingrate channels so that agents have a single view. Rifling through numerous files for each customer categorised by channel can be time-consuming. Instead, all means of communication should feed into one screen, giving individuals all the information they need regardless of whether someone Tweeted, posted on Facebook, or was involved in a webchat.

Finally, having all details in one place isn’t enough; this information needs to be widely available to all departments, not just frontline agents. This means that all the notes are on hand at any given time regardless of which division is talking to a consumer. This not only allows businesses to build up a better customer view, but it also enables them to offer higher quality services.

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