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Kier Finds Growth in Outsourcing

The Kier construction group has seen an increase in investment growth due to outsourcing.

Kier is investing in power, transport and waste businesses for the future. These industries are allowing Kier to grow and it would not have happened if the private and public sector were not turning over their work to Kier. The company is winning many new contracts that are helping Kier to remain on top in the last year. Outsourcing is not always about gaining new work, however. Sometimes it is more about handling customers appropriately. Kier is just one example of how well outsourcing can work.

For those who need call centres, rather than outsourcing contracts like Kier, there are plenty of options. Call centres ensure that customers are getting the service they need. It is now more important than ever to supply telephone answering services that help customers, since they could up and move to a new company.

If one company is not meeting consumers’ needs, customers are more apt to try out another. They may find the move did not help when it comes to customer service, but they are more willing to attempt to switch since access is easier on a global scale. Given how customers are now thinking about services and products, having a helpful call centre is paramount to the success of any company. Kier may be an example of services being outsourced that are not related to call centres, but the lessons to be learned are that a change is being made towards more outsourcing in general and these include call centres.

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