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Key points to consider when developing digital channels

WebcamA digital channel experience is a necessity for modern call centres, with many customers expecting to be able to contact their favourite brands and firms via a wider range of methods than just the telephone. As a result, many telephone answering services have put channels in place, including webchat, email and social media. However, it’s essential to properly launch these services; otherwise, they can fail miserably.

One of the most important aspects to consider when call centres are putting digital channels in place is to ensure there is a joined-up customer engagement strategy. With companies quick to launch their services, gaps in back office administration can occur. It is vital for call centres and their digital counterparts to have shared KPIs. Mobile apps could be launched, for example, which don’t take full advantage of service options such as virtual agents, “contact us” options and voice webchat. This can result in increasing demand for call centres instead of actually streamlining processes.

Meanwhile, digital owners and call companies need to work together to ensure the right data is being gathered. Website and mobile device traffic details are vital in the modern world, allowing firms to establish online drop-off rates and make adjustments. However, for this information to be gathered, it is important for all partners to work alongside each other.

Finally, it’s essential to be extremely serious when it comes to usability. Developers don’t always understand the impact of broken journeys on companies. Many consumers become extremely frustrated if specific services aren’t available on all channels. This means it is important to step in and make the right choices to ensure efficient and productive apps.

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