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Keeping tabs on compliance is a must for call centres

Call Centre MonitoringThere are many myths surrounding compliance, from executives believing they are fine because they have an audit team to expecting data samples to represent the entire business. For telephone answering services who want to ensure they are up to date with compliance and stay in line with the regulations, it is vital to regularly reassess call centre processes.

Mike Hutchison, a call centre and compliance expert, has revealed that just because a company has an audit team, it doesn’t necessarily mean that rules are being adhered to. In reality, auditors can only monitor a sample of workplace processes, and they might spend a long time listening to lengthy discussions just to uncover one violation. Using small sampling methods does not work in many cases because it is simply not a true representation of a company. Therefore, every call centre interaction must be monitored.

There is another area that might affect call centres regarding compliance: the fact that some industries aren’t regulated. For these companies, it is easy to think that because compliance doesn’t affect them, there is no reason to monitor calls. However, compliance values relate to branding and customer services too, so it’s vital to ensure the customer experience is as good as possible.

Finally, those using real-time alerting must consider the fact that by the time they find out about incompliance, it has already happened. Forecasting possible errors and areas where slips could occur is vital if call centres want to keep on top of industry regulations.

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